“Deirdre did a workshop for 70 of my students in Mumbai.Anybody studying under Deirdre can only benefit greatly by her expertise and developing their voice and learning healthy vocal technique.”

– Shaimak Davar, Mumbai, India

“I’m Tara, and I’ve been a student of Deirdre’s since January 2010. I’ve always enjoyed her classes because she is a WONDERFUL teacher and also has a great sense of humour! She instils so much confidence in me that it has helped me in my work as anchor and actor on Disney Channel, in the many products I endorse as a model, and also in my avatar as recording artist for songs, jingles and background tracks. She is such a positive person that it leads you to believe you can be Beyonce or Charlotte Church. She has developed my lower register so I can sing low notes too which as a high soprano, were very difficult before I began my training with her. Her song suggestions are cool. She understands what teens my age like and in my classical repertoire too she selects really enjoyable pieces. If it were up to me, I’d like all of Bombay to learn with her.“

– Tara Sutaria, Mumbai, India

“My daughter, Desiree Gracious has been doing her voice training online on skype with Deirdre. Desiree enjoys her vocal training classes. There has been a huge improvement in her singing, pitching, breath control and confidence level. I am very happy to have Deirdre train my daughter. It is not easy to get a good teacher in India. Thank you Deirdre!”

– Adeline Gracious, Mumbai, India

“My daughter Tara has been a student of Deirdre Lobo-D’Cunha since Jan 2010. After a lot of research and many years of looking for a good voice trainer, I found Deirdre more by accident than design. From the moment I watched her conduct a workshop for singing aspirants in Mumbai in Oct 2009, I realized my search was over. Ever since Tara began training with her on the internet via skype, I noted a big difference in her voice. Her performances have been much appreciated by critics and audiences alike. Deirdre is an extremely capable, conscientious and enlightened voice teacher. She relates well to people of all ages and has instilled a lot of confidence in my otherwise shy child. Tara has already come into her own and I am sure that in a couple of years she will get to where she wants to be.”

– Tina Sutaria, Mumbai, India

” I was looking for a classical singing teacher, and did not expect that it would have been so difficult. As we do have lots of professional singing teachers in Germany, many very good ones, I was very disappointed while looking for one in Mumbai. After over one year I attended my first voice workshop with Deirdre Lobo-D’Cunha in 2009. I was very surprised how professional Deirdre worked. It was a great experience for me. I decided to work with Deirdre via Skype. I had my doubts at first, but I was surprised as to how great we have been able to work and how fast I have improved my singing ability. I am very happy with the way of teaching, the passion Deirdre is shows and her ability to explain and demonstrate easily anything so I can implement the “request” immediately. Even though I have since moved back to Germany, I have continued to work with Deirdre via Skype. I hope bringing Deirdre back to India more often will enable her to share her work with other students who I think can really benefit from her not just as a teacher but as a person, as what she does is not just teach well, but build the confidence of students. She is truly amazing!”

– Annika SEMPF, Germany

“I am so glad to have our daughter Shilpa Suresh train at the Celia Lobo Academy of Voice (CLAV). Deirdre Lobo-D’Cunha, the Artistic Director and founder of CLAV is a passionate teacher, and takes personal interest, and pride, in the success of each of her students. The students learn the nuances of singing, and learn a variety of songs. Shilpa has progressed along so wonderfully in the last year under Deirdre’s tutelage, and is a confident singer now. I highly recommend Deirdre LoboD’Cunha and CLAV for a complete and comprehensive musical education.”

– Ranjana Suresh, Foster City, California, USA

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