Play For Fun | Piano | Elementary Level

Elementary Level Play for Fun Piano classes are for students who have had the basic knowledge in piano in the Beginner Level, and want to improve their skills.


OVIMA works with its students in holistic and fun way to develop their artistic and musical skills. These classes are currently held twice a week for 30 mins each lesson. In this program, students will learn how interpret different genres and styles of music and technique to properly execute the demands of the music.

Course Format

Student / Teacher Ratio (ONLINE)
2 Students: 1 Teacher

10-12 weeks  | 45 mins per week

Instrument / Area of Study
Group Piano Class

Age Group
7-11 Years / 12-17 Years / 18+ Years


The students who are of 7 yrs and up are able to register for this Elementary class. Students should have finished the Beginner Level before registering for the Elementary Class. Classes are divided into batches according to age groups: 7-11 Years / 12-17 Years / 18+ Years

These classes are specially designed for students to learn the basics of Piano in a FUN manner. A student’s interest in music, and their eagerness to discover and explore their talents are some of the prerequisites. Additionally, students should have an open mind to learning.

Participants are expected to be committed members of the class and attend as many meetings as possible. If a student wants to be successful, then he/she must attend their classes regularly as participation and practice are two major components for success. Students / parents are required to notify OVIMA Global and the instructor in advance of any absences. For Play for Fun Piano Classes there is just one assigned day each month in the Session for Make Up Classes. Students are NOT PERMITTED to miss more than ONE class in the Session. If a student is missing a class the OVIMA office must be informed 24 hours in advance.

Students must have the following for their class:
– Required Books
– PIANO or a 88 weighted keys keyboard with the soft and sutained pedals.
– Metronome
– Laptop / Desktop preferably NOT ipad, tablet, phone
– Good Broadband Connection
– Have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer
– Microphone, Headphones.
– Bluetooth speaker or / and additional device to play a track on

Students MUST put in at least 30 mins of practice daily to see the difference from one week to the next. Additionally they are required to send in Practice Videos on the WhatSapp Group Chats so that instructors are able to guide them and constantly monitor their progress in as well as out of the classroom.

– Alfred’s Lesson Books 2-3
– Alfred’s Recital books 2 and 3
– Alfred’s Theory Books 2 and 3

– Students MUST bring all materials, books to class.
– Students are responsible for buying their own books suggested by the teacher.


– Legato playing
– Phrasing
– How to release tension
– Wrist rotation
– Scales and Arpeggios
– Staccato playing
– Finger Dexterity
– Using the natural weight
– Singing Tones
– Pedalling
– Basic Dynamics


-Learn the techniques for effortless playing
-Learn major and minor scales/arpeggios and primary chords.
-Learn how use the pedal properly
-Perform pieces for the culminating recitals.


-To play piano effortlessly
-To have basic knowledge in interpreting various genres of music
-To master the technics required for the elementary level
-To play pieces by memory with all the musical and technical demands of the music


Students will improve their reading,technical and musical skills
They will also have basic knowledge in interpreting different genres of music.

Performance Platforms

At the end of each Session, students must perform 1 piece at the culminating performance. Pieces are to be performed from memory, in concert attire, and with expression, connecting with the audience. Family and friends are welcome for all performances.

Students are additionally provided other platforms to perform. Additionally, OVIMA Global has numerous performing platforms it has made available to students to promote our constant effort in developing CONFIDENCE & SELF-EXPRESSION in students.

– Jam Sessions
– Seasonal Concerts
– End of Session Performances