Play For Fun | Guitar | Beginners Level

Play for Fun Guitar Beginners Class is for students who just want to play an instrument and have Fun!


OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the individual, and not just the students, artistic and musical skills.

Play for Fun Group Classes are offered for GUITAR once a week for 60 minutes. Students learn to tune their guitar, learn the various sections of the instrument, and technique to play any genre of music. Students focus on simple left hand development, introduction to basic major and minor chords; moving up the fretboard with an introduction to the 8th note strumming, working on their fingers down the fretboard and start mixing up the chords; picking across multiple strings while reinforcing their open chord skills; continuing the inside/outside picking technique; starting to mix up their picking skills; and slowly playing the Guitar.

Students do warm-up exercises, and scales pertaining to the specified area of technique. In a Session period, students must learn at least 1 Folk and 1 Pop tune. Pieces are assigned by the teacher at the beginning of the Session.

At the end of each session students do a graded performance. At the end of the year, students receive a Certificate of Achievement for the year if they have completed the Beginner Level requirments and are ready for the Elementary level.

Students also receive a Progress Report at the end of each session indicating the progress they have made from the beginning to the end of the session with respect to technique, performance, class participation, practice, and attendance.

Course Format

Student / Teacher Ratio (Online)
3 Students: 1 Teacher

Student / Teacher Ratio (IN-PERSON)
15 Students: 1 Head Teacher & 1 Assistant Teacher

Student / Teacher Ratio (HYBRID)
10 Students: 1 Head Teacher & 1 Assistant Teacher

10-12 weeks | 60 mins per week

Instrument / Area of Study
Group Class


Students 7 yrs and up are able to register for this Beginners class. No previous experience is needed. Classes however are divided into batches according to age groups: 7-11 Years / 12-17 Years / 18+ Years

Participants are expected to be committed members of the class and attend as many meetings as possible. If a student wants to be successful, then he/she must attend their classes regularly as participation and practice are two major components for success. Students / parents are required to notify OVIMA Global and the instructor in advance of any absences. For Play for Fun Guitar Classes there is just one assigned day each month in the Session for Make Up Classes. Students are NOT PERMITTED to miss more than ONE class in the Session. If a student is missing a class the OVIMA office must be informed 24 hours in advance.

Students must have the following for their class:
– Laptop / Desktop preferably NOT ipad, tablet, phone
– Good Broadband Connection
– Have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer
– Microphone enabled on their computer

Students should follow through on the warmup exercises every day to receive the most benefit and strengthen their playing technique.

The teacher will provide lists of pieces to choose from, and lyrics for every piece. Participants are welcome to forward lyric to pieces that they would like to perform with the class.

Students receive a Progress Report at the end of each SESSION indicating the progress they have made from the beginning to the end of the session with respect to technique, performance, class participation, practice, and attendance.


– Using Downstrokes
– Playing Open Strings
– Upstrokes
– Strumming
– Using Down Up Strokes
– More Complex Strumming
– Hammer and Pull Ups


– One-on-One Instruction in a Group Class
– Learn by Listening
– Repertoire from Various Genres
– Good Instrumental Technique


– For students to have some understanding of at least 1-2 areas of technique per session.
– To be able to play effortlessly, any genre of music.
– To introduce and expose students to various genres of music including, Folk Tunes, Country, Light Rock, Light Jazz, Pop, Blue Grass, Classical, etc.
– To make sure students are prepared to play from memory, and in full performance mode, 1 Folk and 1 Pop tune.
– To learn by listening.


– Build Confidence
– Play any Genre of Music Effortlessly
– Connect with your audience
– Enjoy Playing the Guitar
– Believe in Yourself!

Performance Platforms

At the end of each Session, students must perform 2 pieces at the culminating performance. Pieces are to be performed from memory, in concert attire, and with expression, connecting with the audience. Family and friends are welcome for all performances.

Students are additionally provided other platforms to perform. Additionally, OVIMA Global has numerous performing platforms it has made available to students to promote our constant effort in developing CONFIDENCE & SELF-EXPRESSION in students.

– Jam Sessions
– Seasonal Concerts
– End of Session Performances