Sing For Fun | Indian

Sing For Fun Indian Music is for students who just want to sing and have Fun! OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the student individually, and not just artistically and musically.


The course is for students ages 4+ years who want to try it out singing, and see if they would like to take it further. This Fun course teaches students the basics of singing, and at the same time provides students a platform to explore and discover their voice and themselves in a Fun way. There are Four levels in Sing For Fun: Beginner – Elementary – Intermediate – Advanced. Students stay in each level until such time that they have completed the level requirement, and are ready for the next level up.

Students receive individual attention and learn healthy vocal technique via vocal warm ups and breathing technique. Additionally they work on at least 3 songs in each session from various genres of music

OVIMA Global offers Practice Classes at NO EXTRA cost to students which are facilitated by its Junior teachers or older students. Additionally students are able to sign up to attend the Voice Performance Seminar Class with the Artistic Director and Head Teacher once a month at NO EXTRA cost. This is in keeping with our mission at OVIMA in developing students and helping them achieve their goals in getting to the next level of performance. What students learn is not just improving their craft but also ledership and team skills. Additionally OVIMA offers multiple performance opportunities in the year like Jam Sessions, Seasonal Concerts and End of Session Recitals at NO EXTRA COST. Additional performance and training opportunities at OVIMA Global include Masterclasses, Workshops, and Camps.

At the end of each session students do a graded performance. At the end of the year, students receive a Certificate of Achievement for the year on completion of each level.

Students also receive a Progress Report at the end of each session indicating the progress they have made from the beginning to the end of the session with respect to technique, performance, class participation, practice, and attendance.

Course Format

Student / Teacher Ratio

5 Students: 1 Teacher

Student / Teacher Ratio
(In-Person / Hybrid)
15 Students : 1 Head Teacher & 1 Assistant Teacher

10-12 weeks | 60 mins per week

Instrument / Area of Study
Group Class

Beginners Level

Elementary Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

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