Intro classes | Western

This Intro / Drop In Level Class Western Music, is for students who just want to sing and have Fun!
OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the student individually, and not just artistically and musically.


OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the student individually, and not just artistically and musically. The 4 CLASS course is for students ages 7-11; 12-17 & 18+ years who want to try out singing, and see if they would like to take it further. This class teaches students the introductory basics of singing. These classes provide students a platform to explore and discover their voice and themselves in a Fun way. At the end of each session students are able to transfer to Sing For Fun to experience a more structured and progressive curriculum.

Student : Teacher Online

6 Students
1 Teacher

Student : Teacher In-person

15 Students
1 Head Teacher
1 Assistant Teacher

Class Duration

60 mins once a week

Class Type

Group Class


  • No previous experience is needed.

  • Students 7 yrs and up are able to register for this class.

  • Classes however are divided into batches according to age groups: 7-10; 12-17 & 18+ Years

  • These classes are specially designed for students to learn intro level basics of singing in a FUN manner.

  • Students should have an open mind to learning.


  • Learn skills in building Confidence and Self-Expression

  • Learn techniques that help in Connecting with an Audience
  • Build Leadership Skills and work as a team, and in collaboration

  • Apply Positive Feedback received from peers

  • Learn skills related to Stage Etiquette

  • Believe in Yourself!


  • Instruction with Individual attention in a group class.

  • Healthy Breathing Technique
  • Vocal warm-ups pertaining to Breathing and Vocal Range Increase

  • 1-3 songs from specific genres with the aim of exposing students to different styles of music.


  • For students to have some understanding of at least 1-2 areas of technique per session.

  • To learn vocal technique to sing effortlessly, any genre of music.

  • To introduce and expose students to various genres of music.

  • To learn by listening.

Performance Platforms

Students are able to participate in Jam Sessions; and Seasonal Concerts helping them develop their CONFIDENCE & SELF-EXPRESSION and overall performance. Students are able to perform for NO EXTRA COST.



  • Electronic Tanpura for the whole class


  • If a student wants to be successful, then he/she must attend their classes regularly as participation and practice are two major components for success. Students / parents are required to notify OVIMA Global and the instructor 24 hours in advance of any absences.


  • Students MUST put in at least 30 mins of practice daily to see the difference from one week to the next. Additionally they are required to Practice regularly.


  • Students MUST bring a book to write in vocal exercises.