Drop in | Western | 10 classes package

This Intro Level- Drop In Class Western Music, is for students who just want to sing and have Fun!


OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the student individually, and not just artistically and musically. The course is for students ages 7-11; 12-17 & 18+ years who want to try out singing, and see if they would like to take it further. This class teaches students the introductory basics of singing in 10 classes. These classes provide students a platform to explore and discover their voice and themselves in a Fun way. At the end of each session students are able to transfer to Sing For Fun to experience a more structured and progressive curriculum.

Course Format

Student / Teacher Ratio (Online)
6 Students: 1 Teacher

Student / Teacher Ratio (IN-PERSON)
20 Students : 1 Head Teacher & 1 Assistant Teacher

Student / Teacher Ratio (HYBRID)
20 Students: 1 Head Teacher ONLINE and an Assistant Teacher in the IN PERSON Class.

10 Classes | 75 mins twice a week

Instrument / Area of Study
Group Class


Students 7 yrs and up are able to register for this class. No previous experience is needed. Classes however are divided into batches according to age groups: 7-10; 12-17 & 18+ Years

These classes are specially designed for students to learn intro level basics of singing in a FUN manner. Students should have an open mind to learning.

If a student wants to be successful, then he/she must attend their classes regularly as participation and practice are two major components for success. Students / parents are required to notify OVIMA Global and the instructor in advance of any absences. For this Class there is just one assigned day each month in the Session for Make Up Classes. Students are NOT PERMITTED to miss more than ONE class in the Session. If a student is missing a class the OVIMA office must be informed 24 hours in advance.

– Laptop / Desktop preferably NOT ipad, tablet, phone
– Good Broadband Connection
– Have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer
– Microphone, Headphones, Amp.
– Bluetooth speaker or / and additional device to play a track on
– Teacher must have a Keyboard

Students MUST put in at least 30 mins of practice daily to see the difference from one week to the next. Additionally they are required to Practice regularly.

– Students MUST bring a book to write in vocal exercises.
– Must have plenty of Water
– Must have a recording device to record their exercises to practice at home.


– Diaphragmatic Breathing
– Work on the Dropping the Jaw
– Two Vocal Warm-ups focusing on Breathing and the Yawn
– One Pop Song and one Disney Song


– Instruction with Individual attention in a group class.
– Musical activities
– Healthy Technique
– Leadership and Team Skills
– Complimentary Weekly Practice Class
– Vocal warm-ups pertaining to a specific area of technique planned for each session.
– 3 songs from specific genres with the aim of exposing students to different styles of music.


– For students to have some understanding of at least 1-2 areas of technique per session.
– To learn vocal technique to sing effortlessly, any genre of music.
– To introduce and expose students to various genres of music including, Semi Classical, Folk, Broadway, Pop, Disney, etc.
– To make sure students are prepared to sing from memory, and in full performance mode, 1-2 songs
– To learn by listening.


Performance Platforms

Students are able to participate in Jam Sessions; and Seasonal Concerts helping them develop their CONFIDENCE & SELF-EXPRESSION and overall performance. Students are able to perform for NO EXTRA COST.