Drama For Fun

Designed to help students gain the tools for success. Learn techniques which will help students speak with clarity, finesse, and elegance.
Students work on creative thinking, thinking out of the box, attention to detail and minor performance. Drama activities taught in each level will help the student gain poise, focus, self-confidence and creativity.


The course is for students ages 7 years and up who want to try out Drama and see if they would like to take it further, and improve their level of Confidence. The course teaches students acting from the Beginner to the Advanced levels. It also provides students a platform to explore and discover themselves in a Fun way. Students stay at each level until such time that they have completed the specified level requirements and are ready for the next level up.

At the end of the session students do a graded performance. At the end of the year, students receive a Certificate of Achievement for the year if they have completed the specified level requirements.

Students receive a Progress Report at the end of each session indicating the progress they have made at each level with respect to technique, performance, class participation, practice, and attendance.

Course Format

Student / Teacher Ratio
(Online / In-Person)

5 Students: 1 Teacher

Student / Teacher Ratio
(In-Person / Hybrid)
15 Students : 1 Head Teacher & 1 Assistant Teacher

10-12 weeks | 60 mins per week

Instrument / Area of Study
Group Theater Class

Beginners Level

Elementary Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

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