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If you've always wanted to be a better Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Classical or Bollywood singer, we have the right voice teachers for you.

About the Course

One-on-One Fun Voice Classes are for students who just want to sing and have Fun! OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the individual, and not just the students, artistic and musical skills.

Our Fun One-on-One Classes are held once a week for 30/ 60 minutes. OVIMA suggests that beginner and younger students register for 30 minute classes and advanced or older students could register for 60 minutes. Students learn vocal technique to sing effortlessly, any genre of music. In each quarter, students work with 2 areas of technique:

Areas of Technique
Quarter 1: Posture and Diaphragmatic Breathing
Quarter 2: Pitching and Vocal Range
Quarter 3: Phrasing and Rhythm
Quarter 4: Diction

The students will do vocal warm-up exercises pertaining to that area of technique. In a 10-class period, students must bring in at least 3 songs, that they would like to work on from a specified genre for the quarter. Songs are to be submitted to the office right after they Register for Classes. For the age group 7-11 years, instructors will suggest songs. If the song a student brings in is difficult, the teacher will be able to recommend something else, or the student could bring in something else as well. A student could substitute one of the Genres for a Genre they would like to learn songs from for example from the Western Classical Genre.

Upcoming Batch(es)

Who can Join

Age groups:
7-11 Years; 12-17 Years; and 18+ Years


Available Modes
Individual (1:1)

Genre: Western

  • Quarter 1: Disney Songs
  • Quarter 2: Broadway Songs
  • Quarter 3: Pop Songs
  • Quarter 4: Folk / Country Songs

Students individually perform 1 song that they have worked on during the quarter, at the end of each quarter. Students are additionally provided other platforms to perform. Additionally, OVIMA Global has numerous performing platforms it has made available to students to promote our constant effort in developing CONFIDENCE & SELF-EXPRESSION in students.



In-class Performances (Non-Performance Quarter):
The 1st and 3rd Quarters are Non-Performance Quarters (Students perform in an In-Class Performance-Not Open to Parents and Public, ONLY to students).

Quarterly Jam Sessions
This is a platform made available for students to come together with whatever they want to sing or perform. They do not have to memorize their music for these Jam Sessions. Performance in these Jam Sessions is NOT MANDATORY but students are encouraged to participate.

Upcoming Batch(es)

Recital Performance (Performance Quarter):
The 2nd and 4th Quarters are Performance Quarters (Students perform in a Recital Performance – Open to Parents and Public).

Quarterly Seasonal Concerts
Students would prepare a song or piece per the Seasonal Theme and would have the opportunity of working with the instructor just once. This means that the student MUST come prepared knowing the tune of the song and lyrics from memory or knowing the piece completely in the case of instrumentalists. This again is NOT MANDATORY, but students are encouraged to participate.


Students must meet age / level requirements: 7-11 Years; 12-17 Years; and 18+ Years.

If a student wants to be successful, then he/she must attend their classes regularly as participation and practice are two major components for success. Students / parents are required to notify OVIMA Global and the instructor in advance of any absences. For Sing for Fun Classes there is just one day in the Quarter assigned for Make Up Classes. Students are NOT PERMITTED to miss more than ONE class in the Quarter. If a student is missing a class the OVIMA office must be informed 24 hours in advance. 

Equipments needed:

  • Laptop / Desktop preferably NOT ipad, tablet, phone
  • Good Broadband Connection
  • Have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer
  • Microphone, Headphones, Amp.
  • Bluetooth speaker or / and additional device to play a track on
Upcoming Batch(es)

Students MUST put in at least 30 mins of practice daily to see the difference from one week to the next. Additionally they are required to send in Practice Videos on the WhatSapp Group Chats so that instructors are able to guide them and constantly monitor their progress in as well as out of the classroom. All students must fill out the Practice Google Sheet shared with all students at the beginning of the quarter. Additionally, all students must fill out their Goals Sheet also shared with them at the beginning of the Quarter.


  • Students MUST bring all materials, books to class.
  • Students are responsible for buying their own books suggested by the teacher.


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Class Components

– One-on-One Instruction in a Group Class

– Learn by Listening

– Repertoire from Various Genres

– Musical Activities Engaging Students

– Healthy Vocal / Instrumental Technique


– Build Confidence and Self-Expression

– Sing Effortlessly

– Connect with your audience

– Deliver the Song with Conviction

– Believe in Yourself!

Other Areas to Study

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will not commit you to a long term contract

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