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About the Class

Instructor will start with 2 vocal warm up exercises (Shudh Swaras Aaroh Avroh + Shudh Swaras Aalaap), with all students. Then she will take one student at a time, and will ask the student to sing a song of their choice (the one that they submitted to the instructor prior to the class). The instructor will hear them sing the song in its entirety and will thereafter provide feedback and suggestions. The student will then be requested to go off video and audio and work on those suggested improvement areas, while the instructor works with the next student(s), and will ask him/her to join back once done. The instructor will again listen to their song a second time and provide suggestions, if any required. Instructor will listen to their song one last time in the class.

Who can Join

    • Age groups:
      7 Years to Adults

    • Requirements:
      – Student to submit song of their choice by Friday, Nov 6th.
      – The student should know the lyrics of the song prior to the class
      – Sing the song with or without a karaoke track

    • Upcoming Class
      8th Nov 2020

Class Components

– Tips to further develop your song

– Learn techniques and expression

– One-on-one instruction in a group class


– Sing a song of your choice in correct pitch, tonality and rhythm

– Sing with confidence and expression

– Perform effortlessly and with conviction

– Establish a connection with the audience

Other Areas to Study

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will not commit you to a long term contract

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